Creatine is arguably the most researched supplement in the market.  Studies and Experiments lasting up to four years have proven to show no negative effects.

The most comprehensive studies ever done on creatine took the measurement of 52 blood markers and found no effects in 21 months of creatine supplementation.

NO proof has been found that it harms the liver and kidneys in people who are healthy enough and take normal doses. But, we recommend doctors advise for people with pre-existing liver or kidney problems.

Some people often claim dehydration and cramps as a side effect, this although is hardly supported by research. Actually, experiments have proven that it can reduce cramps and dehydration during intense exercise in hot environments.

At the end of the day, creatine is definitely one of the cheapest, most effective and safest supplements you can find in the market


In conclusion, supplements can both help you build muscle, but only if you’re working hard.